Unifrog is an online platform that students in High School can use in order to obtain information regarding study pathways, opportunities, and applications.

Unifrog provides students with information regarding over a 1000 universities in multiple countries including, but not limited to, the US, the UK, Canada, and Asian universities. The universities which students will have access to include some of the top in the world, Ivy League universities in the US and well as Oxford and Cambridge in the UK. Through mapping prospective university pathways students are able to ascertain both aspirational university choices as well as university options that are more aligned with their current academic achievements.

The platform also includes MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) which provide students with the opportunity of gaining experience of what studying their degree of choice would entail. This enables students to compare and choose the best university courses, apprenticeships or further education courses for them. The platform allows students to collaboratively draft all the materials needed for applications – from the Common App Essay to UK Personal Statements, from US Letters of Recommendation to UK References. Our students are registered to the platform at the start of the year.

Students can get access to Unifrog through the following website: www.unifrog.org/student 

Parents can also access the sight through signing up through www.unifrog.org/code using the code: MNSParents

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