TIMSS Participation

We are proud and excited to be one of the selected schools in Saudi Arabia to be taking part in TIMMS.

What is TIMSS?

The Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) is an international assessment and research project designed to measure trends in mathematics and science achievement at the fourth- and eighth-grade levels as well as school and teacher practices related to instruction. Since 1995, TIMSS has been administered every 4 years. TIMSS 2019, the seventh study in the series, will involve students from more than 60 countries

TIMSS is more than an assessment of student knowledge in mathematics and science. TIMSS also considers the context in which learning occurs. Students, teachers, and schools are asked about a variety of aspects of the environments in which content is taught, learned, practiced, and applied. In this way, TIMSS provides each country with a rich source of information on the factors influencing mathematics and science achievement.

Why is TIMSS important?

TIMSS provides a unique opportunity to compare KSA. students’ math and science knowledge and skills at the fourth- and eighth-grade levels with that of their peers in countries around the world. TIMSS complements what we learn from national assessments by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of student performance relative to students around the world. The results inform national discussions about education as well as international competitiveness. TIMSS provides valuable benchmark information on how KSA students compare to students around the world, allows educators and policymakers to examine other educational systems for practices that could have application to the KSA, and contributes to ongoing discussions of ways to improve the quality of education of all students

Participating countries and other education systems in TIMSS 2019

North and South America Canada Chile United States

Europe Albania Austria Azerbaijan Belgium (Fl.) Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark England Finland France Georgia Germany Hungary Ireland Italy Kosovo Latvia Lithuania Macedonia Malta Montenegro Netherlands Northern Ireland Norway Poland Portugal Romania Russian Federation Serbia Slovak Republic Spain Sweden Turkey

Asia and Middle East Armenia Bahrain Chinese Taipei Hong Kong SAR Iran, Japan Jordan Kazakhstan Korea, Rep. of Kuwait Lebanon Malaysia Oman Pakistan Philippines Qatar Saudi Arabia Singapore United Arab Emirates

Africa Egypt Morocco South Africa

Oceania Australia New Zealand

Multinational School Riyadh TIMSS

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