The energy present in the school motivates you to continue and become a better version of yourself, being optimistic and energetic is truly the best way I could describe my personality and this is from staying in multinational school, ever since the first grade. My aim is to become an architect, the career that lets your mind free when it comes to designing. 

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I train very hard during the week because I want to be the best. I also want to be the best in my education and being a student here you are with other students who think like that too so it’s a great environment to be in. My family is very supportive of me and come and watch me at competitions, but also my teachers at school take ask me how I am doing and let me know they care.

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Multinational School provides outstanding teaching for the Cambridge IGCSE and A Level examinations. Ever since I arrived 3 Years ago, I have been surrounded by great teachers and students that have helped me reach and surpass my academic goals, and still enjoy the many extra curricular opportunities available to me.

Abu Baker
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One of the reasons that made me a successful swimmer today is Coach Ahmed who is a swimming coach at MNS. He kept me motivated throughout my swimming career and always told me to ‘dream big and start small’ Swimming is not a sport that happens overnight, it takes hours of practice every week.

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The school has helped us achieve our rugby aspirations, helping play internationally for Saudi Arabia. We have great teachers here who also have international sporting backgrounds so learning from top coaches gives us and others the right platform to do well in the classroom and on the sports field.

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