Learning Support

The Learning Support Department assists students who find the mainstream programme challenging and are referred by their mainstream teachers to Learning Support. Using a range of assessments including standardised testing, strengths and areas where a student may require support are identified. The Learning Support Department works closely with the mainstream, providing support that enables students to meet their individual needs.

Students in Learning Support are integrated as much as possible in their mainstream classes. In-class assistance is offered to students and/or withdrawal based Learning Support. Students receive one-on-one support or are taught in small groups.

The Learning Support Department provides IEPs (Individual Education Plans), which are differentiated to suit the needs of each student. In Learning Support, the students work towards the goals of their IEPs as well as building the fundamental literacy, numeracy and study skills required to cope with mainstream subjects. Learning Support classes help students by using a modified curriculum, which is designed to meet Learning Support targets, enabling the students to cope with their class work.

By ascertaining students’ learning difficulties and supplying realistic goals, supported by individually tailored learning strategies, Learning Support students are able to manage the mainstream curriculum and grow in self-esteem. Learning Support serves students across the whole school from Early Years to High School.

Learning Support Assistance

The Learning Support Assistant’s role is to ensure that the student can integrate as fully as possible in the activities generally undertaken by the other children in the class and make progress. Her duties will include running specific programmes and activities to assist the student’s individual learning and social needs.

The Multinational School is an inclusive school. The Learning Support Department facilitates this inclusion. The successful inclusion of children with learning difficulties or disabilities relies on the belief that all children should have equal access to a quality education. Equal access to a quality education becomes possible with the right interventions including differentiation and modification, through an active partnership between the Learning Support, the mainstream teachers and the parents.

The Learning Support serves the mission of the Multinational School Riyadh which is:
“To be an outstanding school that meets individual needs and prepares students personally, socially and academically for a successful future.”

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