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Senior Leadership Team

Executive Principal - Julia Jefferson

Julia Jefferson - Executive Principal

Julia has over 30 years’ experience in education, 19 of which as Principal of the Multinational School. After gaining her teaching qualifications in New Zealand, Julia became a teacher at local Wellington schools and sat as a board member of various councils including one reporting to a New Zealand Government select committee on Early Childhood Education. In Australia, Julia continued to expand her governance experience, continued teaching and helped set up a school.

Julia founded the Multinational School Riyadh in 1998 in response to a desperate need for high quality inclusive K-12 education. At the time, there were no schools offering learning support or special needs education. She has become extremely passionate that no child should be left behind, every child should be enabled to reach their full potential and has always remained committed to excellence. Julia has been successful in building a school that has a family quality; children and staff have wonderful relationships within a supportive and thriving environment. Since opening the Multinational School Riyadh, Julia has since opened two more schools in the Middle East with her husband as well as provided education consulting services across the region.

Outside of school, Julia enjoys spending time with her family, especially her two young grandchildren. She enjoys travelling, often with her family. Her favourite place in the world is New Zealand, her home. There Julia loves visiting old friends, soaking in the rich scenery, and savouring the amazing food.

To contact Mrs Jefferson, please send an email through our Contact page.


Primary School Principal - Mark Barratt

Mark Barratt Profile PicMark Barratt has over twenty years' experience as a Principal, leading a number of schools in both low and high socio economic areas. His most recent principalship was of a large inner-city school in New Zealand that lead the way in inclusive educational practice.

Mr Barratt's qualifications include a Master's Degree in Business Administration. He also has Master's Degrees in Education from both Australian and NZ Universities. He is currently completing a Doctorate in Education exploring pedagogy.

Mr Barratt was the spokesperson for a number of years for the Auckland Principal's Association regarding Special Education and has been heavily involved in preservice teacher education, having been employed by the University of Auckland as a part-time lecturer. He has presented at many conferences in NZ and overseas particularly in the field of inclusive education.

His philosophy of education is based around the notion that school has to be relevant. Education needs to prepare today's students for tomorrow's world. Our students are the leaders and thinkers of tomorrow. This is a huge responsibility but is also exciting as we work with students to to be creative, innovative and enterprising thinkers, to be curious, enquiring and open-minded and to know how to make informed decisions.

Mr Barratt is excited about working at MNS and contributing to a orgnisation that actively promotes the combination of inclusiveness and celebrates excellence in academic achievement.

Mr Barratt and his wife are of NZ nationality and have a home in Auckland and when possible escape to their family beach home on Waiheke Island. His wife Sue is employed at MNS. They have 6 grown up children who love travelling the world.

In his spare time he enjoys reading and exploring history. He is a proud supporter of NZ Rugby and enjoys all sports.

High School Principal - Peter Heron


Peter Heron has over 12 years’ experience as a Principal, leading a small rural school and a large inner-city school in New Zealand following many years as a teacher. He has appeared in New Zealand print and television as an expert on the transfer from school to employment. Outside Education he spent six years as an officer in the British Royal Air Force with postings to Cyprus and Ascension Island as well as serving at in England during the Gulf War. Highlights of this role included being a Public Relations Officer working with Her Majesty the Queen, the Red Arrows and numerous TV companies.

Mr Heron’s qualifications include a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership, a Post Graduate Certificate in Education, a BSc(Hons) in Science and he was awarded the UK National Professional Qualification for Headteachers’ in 2000.

His philosophy of education is based around preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s world. He encourages life-long learning and believes that the best way to encourage academic achievement is through promoting traditional educational values and innovative engaging teaching integrated with information communication technology. He enjoys working at MNS immensely, praising the combination of inclusiveness, the ‘family’ atmosphere and outstanding academic standards.

Mr Heron and his family are dual nationality British/ NZ and have a home in a remote part of the South Island of NZ. His wife Deborah works at MNS, as does his son who is a primary school teacher at MNS. His daughters and grandchildren live in Yorkshire. Outside school Peter reads voraciously and played rugby until he came to Saudi Arabia. Over the last few years he has learnt basic Maori, bee keeping and gained qualifications as crew member on a NZ lifeboat.

To contact Mr Heron, please send an email through our Contact page or phone his Assistant on +966 11 275 1751 ext.116


Combined Support Services Principal - Claire HarrisClaire Harris - Combined Support Services Principal

Claire has been with the Multinational School since 1998, teaching and managing the school alongside Julia Jefferson since the beginning. Mrs Harris began as a teacher in Computer Studies prior to joining the Leadership Team as the Specialist Co-ordinator in 2000. As the school continued to grow, Claire began working full time in the Leadership Team in 2005 and was appointment Principal of Combined Support Services in 2012. Claire played a major role in helping develop our Learning Support programme with her own son being one of the first students to graduate with Learning Support for dyslexia gaining top quartile marks for IGCSE and A-Level equivalent qualifications before entering University in Scotland.
Claire gained her qualifications in Business Studies, Maths and Computer Science in Scotland where she also worked as an Assistant Managing Director for an electronics company.

Mrs Harris has worked to create a school that serves the needs of its community. She believes that students learn differently, have different strengths and support requirements and that there are many pathways to educational achievement. Her philosophy is based on empowerment; enabling diverse students to reach their full potential.

Outside of school Claire enjoys spending time with her family, reading and completing renovations on her home in France.

To contact Mrs Harris, please send an email through our Contact page or phone her Assistant on +966 11 275 1751 ext.244


Academic Leaders

Early Years Co-ordinator (KG1 to Foundation) – Michelle Stevens
Lower Primary Co-ordinator (Year 1 to 3) – Catherine Pickles
Upper Primary Co-ordinator (Year 4 to 6) – Jane Blackledge
High School Assistant Principal (Year 7 to 12) – Ann Philip
High School Head of Department Mathematics – Shallet Dsilva
High School Head of Department Science – Bindu Joseph
High School Head of Department Humanities – Matthew Mason
High School Head of Department English – Helen Clarke
High School Pastoral Care – Lindsay Robertson
Specialist education (Arts, Physical Education, Language) – James Barker
Learning Support (Learning Support, Special Needs, English as an Additional Language) – Smita Bakshi

To contact any one of our Academic Leaders, please send an email through our Contact page.


Administration and Support Staff

School Campus Main Reception – Nadine Amhaz
+966 11 275 1751 ext.100

School Administration Building Main Reception
+966 11 2111619 ext.201

School Registrar – Debbie Heron
+966 11 2111622 ext.217

School Registrar Assistant – Layal Al Ayash 
+966 11 2111622 ext 217

Senior Accountant – Priyangani Perera
+966 11 2111622 ext.240

Business Development Manager – Scott Jefferson
+966 11 2111614 ext.123

Head of Human Resources and Government Relations Manager – Abdulhadi Alsheleikhy
+966 50 548 7423

ICT Operations Manager – Paul Parish
+966 11 275 1751 ext.303

Property and Facilities Manager – Said Ayache
+966 11 275 1751 ext.206 or ext.404

Head Librarian – Lisa Muller
+966 11 275 1751 ext.159

Head Nurse - Maria Cherry Pie Quintia
+966 11 275 1751 ext.506

Counsellor – Karen Hooper
+966 11 275 1751 ext.172

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