School Library


Y4 LibraryLesson

We have two Libraries, one Senior Library and one Junior Library. Each Library boasts a wide variety of fiction, non-fiction and reference books with new books purchased frequently throughout the year. The Senior Library also has an ICT suite where students can access online resources, use our comprehensive range of specialist education CD's, or play our educational games designed to improve language or math skills.

The Libraries are designed as comfortable inviting environments for students to research, focus, read, complete school work or browse for books to take home.

Each library will regularly host different classes, giving teachers an opportunity to expand student learning by using Library resources. The Library staff are always on hand to support and monitor students.

The Libraries regularly hold competitions for students to get involved in that often reinforce classroom learning. Some examples of these are:

  • Poetry competitions
  • Short story competitions
  • Creative competitions

Every year the Library reviews its catalogue to ensure all information is the most up to date. Any resources that do not meet our current teaching methodology are donated to deserving schools in Riyadh. 

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