Cambridge International A/AS Levels and Edexcel are internationally benchmarked qualifications providing excellent preparation for university education.

They are taken in over 125 countries and offer a choice of 60 different subjects. Cambridge International A/AS Level qualifications are widely recognised and valued by universities and employers alike. Some US universities give up to a year's credit as a result. Every year, thousands of A Level students gain places at good universities worldwide - including the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Schools and learners find A and AS Levels very flexible. Schools can offer almost any combination of the wide choice of subjects available. Learners have the freedom to select the subjects that are right for them - they either follow a broad course of study, or specialise in a particular area.

The Advanced Subsidiary and Advanced Level Curriculum

The program will be a natural continuation of the current syllabus, although at a more advanced level. The AS and A Level qualifications will enable our students to pursue higher studies in their chosen fields at the best universities around the world.

Students will be offered a large variety of subjects and have the option to select three to four subjects from ten of the AS/A Levels course offerings. Two other optional subjects have now been included as choices. These subjects have now replaced study periods, and it is now compulsory for students to take them up if they are not doing an A Level subject.

Although the school offers a wide variety of courses, all students are encouraged to choose those courses that they have a particular interest in or strength for or would be useful in attaining their future academic/career goals. There is more detailed information pertaining to subject selection that can be referred to on the option form. It is essential that all students consider their options carefully and do not base them on what they may consider “easy” or “less work”.

All Advanced Subsidiary subjects constitute one year of study culminating in final examinations. The Advanced Subsidiary of GCE forms 50% of the assessment weighting of the full Advanced GCE and can be taken as a stand-alone course or as the first part of the full Advanced GCE course.

Other than formal examinations, some subjects have a compulsory unit of coursework. Although coursework is generally supervised and marked by the school, it will be moderated by the examination board.

The General Certificate of Education (Advanced Level), or A Level, is a two year course and is considered the pathway to university studies in many countries. It is one of the most recognized qualifications around the world and is accepted as proof of academic ability for entry into universities.

Requirements for university courses may vary, which makes it essential to gain information from the relevant authority/university, who, in turn, can view the syllabus content for subjects on the following websites:

GCE (AS and A Levels) Edexcel:

GCE (AS and A Levels) Cambridge:

The school offers Computer Literacy and Information Technology (CLAIT) an optional subject for those students that do not wish to take up an A Level subject. It is an internationally recognised qualification available at three levels: New, Plus and Advanced. The course covers word processing, spreadsheets and databases. You can choose to take units individually, combine units to work towards a qualification, or do a combination of units to suit your needs.

The OCR Level 2 & 3 Certificate/Diploma for IT Users (CLAiT Plus) are offered at the AS and A Levels. Level 2 is a qualification designed to recognise the skills, knowledge and understanding of IT users in employment, education or training. This Course leads to the CLAiT Plus qualification. The OCR Level 3 Certificate/Diploma for IT Users (CLAiT Advanced - International) is a qualification designed to recognise the skills, knowledge and understanding of those who use advanced IT skills. The qualification recognises complex and specialist skills in the use of IT in vocational contexts.

Global Perspectives is an IGCSE subject. More details about the curriculum for this subject can be found on:


Schools and learners find Cambridge/Edexcel International A and AS Levels very flexible. Schools can offer almost any combination of the wide choice of subjects available.

Although learners can choose from a range of assessment options, the Multinational school students choose option 2 or 3.

Assessment Options

Option 1

Take all papers of the Cambridge International A Level course in the same examination session, usually at the end of the second year of study.

Option 2

Take a 'staged' assessment route – take the Cambridge International AS Level in one examination session and complete the final Cambridge International A Level at a subsequent session*

Option 3

Take the Cambridge International AS Level only, either at the end of a one-year or two-year course. The Cambridge International AS Level syllabus content is half a Cambridge International A Level programme.

The staged assessment route is not possible in all subjects. The outcomes awarded for Cambridge International AS Level language syllabuses cannot be carried forward to Cambridge International A Level.

Although we will do our level best to accommodate all optional choices made, feasibility vis-à-vis number of students must be taken into account. In the case of any changes, which will be unlikely, you will be informed immediately.

International Relevance

Cambridge/Edexcel International A and AS Level syllabuses have been created specifically for an international audience. The content of International A and AS Levels is carefully devised to suit the wide variety of schools worldwide and avoid any cultural bias. The structure and administration of International A and AS Levels are also designed to meet the needs of our schools and learners around the world.


A and AS Level examination sessions occur twice a year**, in June and November, with results issued in August and January respectively.

A wide range of assessment processes and techniques are used to supplement formal written examinations - orals, practical’s, projects and coursework of differing types are all used in various subjects where they are the most effective and appropriate means of measuring attainment.

** Some subjects are only available in June or November.

The CLAiT examinations are held in the school and assessed internally. However, they are moderated and certified externally.

Reporting of Achievement

Each subject that a student takes at AS/A Level receives a separately certificated grade. From 2010, the A Level will be reported on a grade scale from A* grade, awarded for the highest level of achievement, to E, indicating the minimum required performance. Please note that there is no A* grading in the certification of Cambridge International AS Levels, which will continue to run from Grade A to Grade E. Taking the International AS Level examination part-way through the international A Level course provides feedback that learners can use to set learning goals for the second half of the course. It can also provide learners with the motivation and momentum to complete their programme of study.

Subject Choices

The A Level examinations are usually based on approximately 360 hours of guided learning normally over a two year period. They are highly specialized and a student will normally take three A Level subjects, although occasionally exceptional students take four. The A (Subsidiary) Level represents the first half of an A Level course but may also be taken as a free-standing qualification.

The Multinational School offers the following subjects for the AS/A Levels. Your child must select one subject from each row. Please note that CLAiT and Global Perspective are not AS/ A Level subjects.

Students may choose a subject from each row from the list of the following optional subjects. (Please ensure that the subjects selected will help you gain the necessary qualification required at the university level.)

A Level OPTIONS 2017/18

Option Lines





Option A





Option B



Art and Design


Option C





Option D


Computer Science



Compulsory Subjects:

Kingdom History and Geography

Kingdom Arabic (Qur’an for Saudi Nationals)


Life Skills


Students will be appointed a personal mentor from among our staff members in order to discuss individual progress and any concerns or difficulties that may arise. Such staff members will facilitate students in the organization of their workload pertaining to coursework and homework.

All students in the AS Level program will observe compulsory dress code and normal school hours (7:30A.M. - 2:10 P.M.), except on days when special morning or afternoon classes are scheduled. It is compulsory for the AS/A Level students to choose at least one after-school extra-curricular activity involving a sport.

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