English as an additional language (EAL)


Multiculturalism is the essence of the expatriate population in Riyadh, and this quality is reflected in the make-up of our school. Our EAL pupils come from diverse cultures, having varied linguistic abilities. They are all ages, and at all stages of learning their own mother tongue, new to Riyadh (and in some cases Saudi Arabia), and attempting to cope with a new home, new surroundings, a new school, and a new language. The EAL department is designed to give students tools to settle into this new environment, and to integrate themselves into the school both academically and socially. Our focus initially is to provide them with a programme to develop their communicative skills and enable them to interact with their peers. They will then develop their language skills to allow them to progress academically in the classroom.

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EAL Learners: Points of entry to school and difference in backgrounds.

Students learning English as an Additional Language may enter the school at any year level of schooling, at any point in the school year and with varying levels of proficiency both in their first language and in English.

EAL Students include:

  • Students beginning school with minimal or no exposure to English.
  • Students with language backgrounds other than English.
  • Students with disrupted education in one or more countries with little or no exposure to English.
  • Students with some exposure to English.

Goals of the EAL Programme: The broad goals of the EAL programme are to develop in students:

  • Confidence in communicating with their peers and teachers in English.
  • A level of competency and confidence in English that allows them to fully participate in both social and school based activities.
  • Continuing conceptual development while developing English language skills.
  • Integration into mainstream classes as quickly as possible to further academic achievement.



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