Early Years

In Early Years, children are guided to ‘Learn through Play’, creating a positive attitude towards learning and developing children’s abilities and talents.

Play is a context for learning that:

  • Allows for the expression of personality and uniqueness
  • Enhances dispositions such as curiosity and creativity
  • Enables children to make connections between prior experiences and new learning
  • Assists children to develop relationships and concepts
  • Stimulates a sense of wellbeing.

Early Years focuses on improving children’s social skills, listening skills, questioning skills, gross and fine motor skills, learning to be part of a group, creativity, learning that print holds the message and early numeric skills.
Learning takes place within a thematic framework; themes are selected regularly, maintaining children’s interest and helping students make links between classroom lessons and the real world.

We draw on the best global research and practice of how young children develop and learn most effectively. We have chosen the Australian Victorian Early Years Framework as it is one of the best in the world.

This is an accredited curriculum that works hand in hand with the learning outcomes of the accredited Australian Primary curriculum (Victorian curriculum) which MNS-R follows.

The Early Years curriculum is built around three central themes, ‘Belonging, Being and Becoming.’ Learning outcomes are that children:

  • Have a strong sense of identity
  • Are connected with and contribute to their world
  • Have a strong sense of wellbeing
  • Are confident and involved learners
  • Are effective communicators.

Our Early Years team carefully assesses each child and plans activities so that all children are intentionally taught to achieve these outcomes. Children are continually monitored and their progress recorded so our teachers can quickly identify each child’s strengths and support any challenges they face in partnership with families.

Each year level builds upon the learning of the previous. By the time our students reach the Foundation year, we begin preparing them for what Primary School will offer. Our Foundation students have a longer teaching day so they can cover the entire Foundation curriculum

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